Nice to meet you!

Hi! I’m Brigette. I’m a natural light, on location photographer based in the Snohomish County, Washington area. I’m a wife to Jake, mom to Liam and Eva, and owner of a giant dog, Lucy. You might see a lot of them around here because I’m pretty smitten with them. I’ve had a camera close by for as long as I can remember but I picked up my first dslr in 2005 when Eva was born and haven’t put it down since. You could say I’m sort of addicted.

Some random things about me: I love the ocean. One day I’ll live close enough to put my feet in the water every day. I am obsessed with Instagram. I knit, sew, and love to organize. Coffee is necessary at least once a day. Gin & tonics are my favorite way to start the weekend. Lots of lime is key. I’m a yoga junkie. Anything with cilantro is win in my book. The more the better. Old school Bon Jovi is one of my guilty pleasures.

I absolutely love my job. I put my heart into telling your story. I shoot in a very relaxed way; very few posed shots, lots of playing,  hopefully some laughing, definitely capturing the little moments. Because the little moments are the real treasures. The way you reach up to touch his face, the way he looks at you while you’re chasing after the kids. The way your son can’t keep the grass stains off of his pants. When you’re showing your pictures to your grandchildren, the little moments are going to be the most treasured.

I’d been shooting families for about a year when one of my very good friends introduced me to the birth world and I was instantly hooked. I feel so honored every time someone invites me into their birth space- whether it’s a home birth, hospital, or birth center. It’s an amazing, emotional experience. I cry at every birth I attend, and I’m awestruck at a woman’s capability. Seeing the connection between parents and their new baby, there just isn’t anything quite like it.

I would love to capture that connection for you. If you’re expecting, please contact me to book your session today!