Birth Agreement

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Session Agreement 1. Upon receipt of executed contract and session retainer, the Photographer shall reserve the agreed upon date. The retainer is $30% of the current birth rate and is non-refundable. 2. The remainder of the session amount (plus applicable taxes) is due by 37 weeks. The photographer reserves the right to refuse services/products if the payment arrangements have not been met unless prior arrangements have been made. 3. Photographer will be on call two weeks before and two weeks after the client's due date. If the client goes into labor outside that four-week period, Photographer will make every effort to attend the birth but attendance is not guaranteed. 4. The client shall receive the full set of high-resolution digital images, edited with the photographer's artistic vision. Any additional editing after the final gallery is presented will incur a $15 creative fee per image. 5. There is a $25 fee for any returned checks. In the event of a previous returned check by client, studio reserves the right to refuse payment of checks in the future, in which case cash, money order, cashier’s check, and debit/credit will be accepted. 6. Birth clients shall receive a hard-cover 8.5x11 album with their session. This album will contain all of the edited copies of the birth unless client excludes specific images. 7. Birth is unpredictable. Should the client need a c-section, Photographer will make every effort to attend the birth in the OR, but this is at the attending physician's discretion. In case of a c-section and Photographer is not allowed in the OR, images will be taken in the recovery and hospital room after surgery. *