Birth Story: Sidney Alexandria | Seattle Birth photographer

Where do I begin with your birth day, sweet Sidney?? You kept us on our toes, that's for sure! Alexandria warned me that her first daughter came mighty fast so she thought Sidney would as well. I'd already told her that I would come down as soon as she was in labor because Seattle traffic can be brutal and I definitely didn't want to miss it because I was stuck in that nonsense.

Alexandria had early signs of labor on Wednesday and continued to have contractions throughout the day. She headed to the hospital later that night and things weren't progressed as far as we'd thought (this labor was so much different than her first!) so she went home to rest. Although any woman who has been in labor and told to rest knows that there isn't really any real rest involved.

The next morning, they dropped their daughter at preschool and went for a long walk around the neighborhood to try and move labor along. Once contractions were seven minutes apart, they texted me to let me know they were going back to the hospital to check in. I got my things together but before I could even get in my car, John texted me saying the doctor thought baby would be here in less than an hour! I made it down to the hospital as fast as I could without getting a ticket (because I learned my lesson from last time) and made it to the room THREE MINUTES before Sidney was born. Holy moly talk about adrenaline rushing around that room! It's a good thing John had a gut feeling to go get checked because Alexandria went from contractions 7 minutes apart to baby born in less than an hour. Bodies are crazy awesome. I'm so glad I made it to catch Sidney's entrance into the world; she's pretty adorable, don't you think?